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Golden Meadow

What's in our name?

We really want to make the online landscape something better than it is right now; something golden. Thus, Golden Meadow was born. The meadow is a metaphor for the platform that provides people with more freedom than they have elsewhere. Most financial analyses are heavily edited and individual investors can’t get to the core of what a given analyst means. Authors can’t write what would support their businesses in a meaningful way, and their freedom of speech is silently censored at their own expense and at the expense of investors.

Content creators often have their work trimmed like hedges by restrictive media standards, and authors are not hedges that need to be trimmed - they are like wildflowers that should be allowed to grow - naturally. We created a platform where the editorial standards - while based on ethical principles - are broader than what's allowed by media in general. The meadow is a place where financial authors and readers can easily disagree with each other, and a dignified online culture facilitates dialogue.

You, the Reader

  • Enjoy high quality financial articles, analyses, and videos which help you grow wealth and knowledge, thereby increasing your happiness.

  • Be part of a culture that respects differing viewpoints, without hate and toxicity. We're all richer when we can see past our differences.

  • Deepen your knowledge of investments by talking with authors who care about sharing their expertise.

  • Bridge divides by building positive relationships with authors and other readers.

  • Help to cultivate an open community, not a closed tribe.

  • Read and listen to authors who have more freedom of speech, which they don't abuse at the cost of others.

Golden Meadow

You, the Author

  • Lead constructive and meaningful webinars and workshops.

  • Get business solutions and still have time for your life. We'll separate the weed from the chaff, so you won't have to.

  • Contribute articles to a platform that lets you advertise yourself and keeps your links.

  • Monetize your know-how through multiple channels.

  • Help people grow in a friendly atmosphere.

  • Gain ideas by exploring trending topics.

Two serious problems affect our ability to talk and reason with each other:

First: We all face an increasingly dangerous cancer called polarization, and current solutions are not working. This ugly beast doesn't just affect cuddly politicians and electorates, but also investment writers and reading audiences alike.

Second: We're drowning in information without context. Information overload is not a new problem - authors have been writing about it for decades, but it's becoming more acute.

The ripple effects are:

For the Author


For the Reader

it's becoming difficult to break out and be noticed. The obstacles to gaining subscriber momentum are great, and very few online publishers really take care of their authors.


it contributes to a toxic environment where it becomes an insurmountable chore to find transparent and trust-worthy information about an equity from friendly people who are sincere.

But it doesn't have to be that way. A solution lies in the art of understanding each other.

You deserve to have peace of mind as you focus on enlightenment.

Golden Meadow is not just a publisher, but a community platform that brings financial authors and readers with dffering viewpoints together. We connect highly skilled and highly motivated authors with investors who will most enjoy their content.

We're providing a platform for financial analysts that supports them in their value and subscription-generating activities and we help to deliver this high-quality content to investors. Through Golden Meadow, authors are able to offer readers context and solutions to the news they read. The way the financial media world currently works creates a gap between authors and investors.

Through our platform that consists of multiple domains (,,, and, we're closing this gap, while creating value for both sides.

Sure, you can get a variety of opinions everywhere. But what you're also getting are draconian editorial policies and toxic discussion boards, thereby ruining many a community that could otherwise be thriving. The value lies in constructive and thought-provoking conversation created by people who adhere to a culture of mutual respect.

Golden Meadow

In an increasingly polarized world, we need to learn how to disagree and still be friends.

You've heard of echo chambers, filter bubbles, and other fancy terms, and as social scientists debate, the verdict is still out as to what extent people are susceptible to them. But one thing is clear: various tech platforms and new media are fueling the fires of division, an acute situation which threatens the very core of democratic institutions. We have a bad habit for reinforcing our existing opinions, even when it's to our detriment. It's becoming harder to empathize with "the other side", which has opposing (but equally valid) viewpoints.

But it's not just about politics. Pernicious polarization also affects the investment writing community. We simply love to hate, and authors play the hating game the same way that politicians do, with readers eating up every insidious word. Yup! Everyone gangs up on the contrarian on a stock that's tanking. Heck, does a gold bug want to hear what the "other side" is saying, or vice-versa? And forget about that author who has certain political views - they can't be trusted! Ok, ok, it's part of human culture; we're tribal and we love to fight. Yes, and we also have a propensity for war. It'd be nice to think that we can put our primitive ways behind us.

What happened to the idea of civilized discourse and friendly debate? What happened to logical thinking and intelligent reasoning? Shall it remain the purview of a few? It's not like people's lives are on the line because someone dared to disagree with them. Yet out come the digital pitchforks and virtual torches.

We decided to do something that helps fix this problem.

Golden Meadow is a community that unites.

Does anyone in the financial sector really care about you? You believed it once. Let us make you believe it again.

Golden Meadow is a friendly place where you'll find solutions to help you:

Grow your capital
Nurture your positive self
Be happier & make the world better

Grow your capital


Nurture your positive self


Be happier & make the world better

They sound like fluffy cliches, don't they? But they're simple ideas with essential truths. "Growth" can and should be understood in multiple ways. Growing capital is rather obvious, but a person's growth is more than just their net worth.

When humanity truly grows, it's bound to positively impact our surroundings, thus making the world a better place more peaceful, healthy, empathic, and prosperous.

Everyone is inclined to grow and be happy. It's only a toxic and polarized human environment that holds people back. We'll strive to remove the obstacles that get in your way, so that you can get on track with thinking about your investments.

How are we going to do this?

By being ourselves and by expressing our values in what we do. Our values are our competitive advantage:







Yeah, right! Those are shallow words. Love? Aren't you here to make money, like a normal business should? This doesn't seem to be the proper way to run a company.

Talk is cheap. We're living our values and banking on human goodness. Remember Wal-Mart, which stepped away from their core mission, which was to champion the average hard-working American. Walmart became famous for something else instead, which Simon Sinek wrote about in Start with Why: poorly treating its customers and employees while solely pursuing profits.

If even the world's largest company got into trouble by ignoring their core values and becoming obsessed with profits at the expense of everything else, then perhaps there's something to it, and it could have huge implications.

We want to share our values with you, starting with that most important one - yes, Love.

What love, freedom, and justice can mean for business.

Golden Meadow


Love is our first and core value.

That's sweet, but what does it have to do with business? Everything!

Placing value creation for people connected with your business should be at the top of your priority list. And what better way to create value than to pursue it with Love? By Love we mean trust, respect, care, and compassion. It's about actually giving a fuck about other people, and not just claiming this to be the case, as in corporate HR speak. It's about an author being able to write "fuck" freely as an expression of emotion, provided that it's not used with hate.

It's all connected with our second value - freedom - and since using "fuck" didn't go against Love or Justice, why not? Readers want to know what authors really feel and believe in. Knowing that builds Trust, which in turn helps build community, and allows for authors and readers to connect in ways that wouldn't otherwise be possible. Mutual Respect is a by-product of that relationship.

Placing value creation for people connected with your business should be at the top of your priority list. And what better way to create value than to pursue it with Love? By Love we mean Trust, Respect, Care, and Compassion. It's about actually giving a fuck about other people, and not just claiming this to be the case, as in corporate HR speak. It's about an author being able to write "fuck" freely as an expression of emotion, provided that it's not used with hate.

Care and Compassion are understanding what others (authors, investors, employees, owners, other parties) want and then mindfully helping them achieve their goals in parallel with the company's business goal. Simply put, this makes people happier.

Happier authors are calmer, more creative, and write better analyses.
With more positive energy authors write more engaging texts and are
more likely to enjoy discussing with their readers - investors.

Happier investors who are getting greater value will want to continue
being part of a community which helps them grow.

Happier employees deliver greater value to all other groups with less
effort, lower sick leaves, and lower turnover.

Happier and more profitable company owners are more inclined to
increase salaries and invest in a business's expansion,
thus contribut-
ing to the happiness of employees and authors.

One flagship example of applying Care to our contributing authors is by actively helping them grow their individual following - which helps them make a profit - instead of just exploiting them which - sadly - is the "standard". We're not only keeping their most profitable links intact, but we're actually offering them suggestions on how they could improve their writing and the efficiency of their marketing texts while keeping them interesting to readers (as an author, you'll find more details here).


Freedom is our second value.

Without it, there are very few things that matter. You can't put your skills to use, express yourself, or reap the benefits of doing so. For content creators - and financial newsletter writers are part of this noble group - a lack of Freedom of expression means a cap on the maximum amount of value that one can create.

Freedom doesn't mean the type of anarchy that manifests on some internet forums and websites, where people throw dirt at each other with little substantive contribution to the discussion. We don't discriminate or belittle people or encourage others to do so. Our first value is Love and wherever Freedom is applied, it can't be at the cost of Love.

Rejecting anarchy doesn't mean accepting the constraints of mass-media and a corporate communication style. Mae West once said that those who are easily offended, should be offended more often. And we agree for the most part. In practice, authors should feature controversial ideas in articles and criticize other ideas either politely or bluntly - provided that it's based on research. However, being mean to others and making it personal is not ok.

Thanks to Freedom, authors can be bold and themselves, and create content that is true, appealing, and useful. Freedom of expression doesn't have to result in aggression which increases polarization. We're striving to create a culture where discussions can remain friendly, and authors can focus on what really connects them with each other and with readers. It's about creating a productive community that looks for solutions and various approaches to handle our common challenges.

Humanity won't find solutions if it's mired in division and can't reject the "us vs them" mentality. Only with Respect and Compassion can we achieve understanding. There are many special interest and lobby groups that only serve to divide people for the sake of profits and control. We want to help people see past that and to help them unite.

"Ok, so how will you prevent authors and readers from abusing freedom of speech?"

We understand the fine line between freedom of speech and hate speech, and we're mindful of that. Authors can publish their content without rigid editorial standards only after they prove themselves with high quality writing that is about sharing knowledge and uniting people. Readers hold authors to account.

In a wild meadow you have the freedom to be yourself, but there are strict natural rules around kindness. How do you prevent a spiral of hate from getting out of control? If someone attacks you, you "kill" them with kindness of speech; you embrace civility, logic, and act with dignity.

Things are different now, as opposed to how they were hundreds of years ago. Each of us has an outsized material impact on the world. People have had enough, and just like Howard Beale from the movie Network, "they can't take it anymore!" There is a paradigm shift and people want to support companies that do good.


Justice is our third value.

Justice is an umbrella value that includes Integrity, Fairness, and Equality. It also includes Wisdom, as it's critical to know what is fair and what it means to be equal. Integrity is when you put your actions and your money where your mouth and your thoughts are, when you act in accordance with the law, and when you offer fair deals to other parties. And that's what we do.

Integrity and Fairness mean presenting an author's performance exactly as it is.

Fairness and Equality mean not discriminating against anyone, and not granting anyone extra privileges based on any group-based characteristic (e.g. religion, race, gender, political views etc.). We do business based on merit and alignment of values, and we let the free market do the rest. There are no artificial quotas to fill or ratios to maintain - without even trying we still have an almost 50:50 male to female ratio in the management of the company. Justice also implies that the authors that we feature can't front-run any trades on assets or markets that they cover before disseminating information about it to their subscribers - unless such a practice was clearly disclosed and accepted by the subscribers.

Changing the Way You Think About Profits

What if we told you that business can be a healing experience - that you can believe that profits are a good thing while embracing conscious business practices?

We recognize that there's a way in which capitalism can be used to benefit humanity and the planet - and it's not just about making money. Business comes with responsibility - to other human beings and to our environment.

It's actually in the best interest of companies to approach the free market in this long-term oriented way, through which they can create more value. That's the ultimate success. The human species won't survive long if companies care only about profits - it's not sustainable. Societies are complex and interconnected, and humanity's present and future problems require us to think about a higher purpose. Conscious capitalism, which has it's roots in corporate social responsibility, can step up to the plate and get the job done. Yes, capitalism can save the world!

What's next?


If you're a skilled author and experienced investor, we would love to hear from you and discuss the possibilities of working together. If you're a master at investing, but need some help with writing, we might be able to help as well. Please take a look here for more details, and for author-specific contact details.

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Other Parties

If you have a business proposition for us, we'd love to hear it! Please reach out to us using our contact form.

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Investing in silver can diversify your investment portfolio and hedge against inflation. Additionally, as a physical commodity, silver can enhance a sense of security during times of economic fluctuations. Considering silver stocks raises various questions, such as:

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