Exclusive Silver Forecasts


Daily Silver News: July 3 - Silver Price Gets Back Above $30

Silver breaks higher; more economic data in focus.


Daily Silver News: July 2 – Silver: More Consolidation Below $30

Silver price remains below $30; more data nad Powell’s speech in focus.


Daily Silver News: July 1 – Silver Keeps Extending a Consolidation

Silver price is still going sideways, remaining below the $30 level.


Daily Silver News: June 28 – Silver Price Gets Closer to $30

Silver advances on higher gold, positive stock market; more data in focus.


Daily Silver News: June 27 – Silver Rebounded from $29

Silver price extends a short-term consolidation; more economic data in focus.


Daily Silver News: June 26 – Silver Price Is Still Below $30

Silver dipped to $29, retracing its recent rebound.


Daily Silver News: June 25 – Silver Rebounding to $30

Silver price gets closer to $30 again; markets await economic data.


Daily Silver News: June 24 - Silver Is Back Within a Consolidation

Silver price is below $30 again, following Friday’s sell-off of almost 4%.

Silver Predictions

Daily Silver News: July 23 – Silver Fluctuating After Friday’s Sell-Off

Silver price remains close to $29 as markets await more economic data.

Daily Silver News: July 22 – Silver Is Closer to June Lows Again

Silver price approached $29 again, following a correction in gold.

Daily Silver News: July 19 – Silver Price Extends Declines

Silver keeps selling off, breaking back below $30.

Daily Silver News: July 18 - Silver Price: Closer to $30 Again

Silver is still weaker than gold, trading below $31.

Exclusive Silver Price Forecasts

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Silver is a commodity, and investor interest in silver is increasing, in parallel with rising silver industrial demand. The next few years are expected to set new records in industrial consumption for silver. The surge is primarily attributed to a burgeoning eco-friendly economy with significant investments in solar technology (specifically photovoltaic systems), enhancements in electrical grids, and the expansion of 5G telecommunications networks. Additionally, the automotive sector's increasing reliance on electronic components and their associated ecosystem has contributed to this growth.

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