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Michael DiRienzo

Michael DiRienzo

Increasing public understanding of the many uses and values of silver.

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Michael DiRienzo serves as the Executive Director of the Silver Institute, an international association whose membership comprises the major participants in the silver industry. In that capacity, Michael manages the Institute’s overall daily activities, budget development and management, implementing the annual plan, public affairs, and government relations activities.

From 1999-2002, Michael served as Vice President of the Gold Institute, managing that association’s government and public relations activities. Prior to 1999, he served as a government affairs representative for Janus/Merritt Strategies, a political and strategic management firm. He also represented a member company of the Toyota Group as Director of Government Relations.  Formerly, Michael served as Legislative Assistant and Press Secretary to the Chairman of the House Rules Committee, U.S. Congressman David Dreier (R-CA).  During his tenure with the Chairman, Michael worked on House Banking Committee and Rules Committee issues.