Exclusive Silver Price News


Daily Silver News: May 17 – Silver: Short-Term Consolidation

Silver price remains close to $30 level, trading along new highs.


Daily Silver News: May 16 – Silver Price Continues Higher

Silver rallied on inflation data; today, it’s trading along $30.


Daily Silver News: May 15 - Silver Price: Above $29

Silver is gaining ahead of the inflation data, breaking $29 level.


Daily Silver News: May 14 – Silver Price Going Sideways

Silver continues to fluctuate below the $29 level; inflation data in focus.


Daily Silver News: May 13 – Silver Remains Stronger than Gold

Silver price is below $28.50 again as markets await key inflation data this week.


Daily Silver News: May 10 - Silver Keeps Advancing

Silver price is closer to $29 as stock markets advance, USD weakens.


Daily Silver News: May 9 – Silver Advances, Nears $28

Silver price is advancing despite another day of sideways trading in gold.


Daily Silver News: May 8 – Silver Trading Sideways

Silver price remains close to $27.50 as markets await more economic data.

Silver Price News

Daily Silver News: July 23 – Silver Fluctuating After Friday’s Sell-Off

Silver price remains close to $29 as markets await more economic data.

Daily Silver News: July 22 – Silver Is Closer to June Lows Again

Silver price approached $29 again, following a correction in gold.

Daily Silver News: July 19 – Silver Price Extends Declines

Silver keeps selling off, breaking back below $30.

Daily Silver News: July 18 - Silver Price: Closer to $30 Again

Silver is still weaker than gold, trading below $31.

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Reliable news is essential in the silver market because of its dynamic nature. Investors need up-to-date and accurate information to make informed decisions, as the market can shift rapidly due to economic, political, or environmental factors. Without trusty and authentic news, investors and traders are left out in the dark, potentially risking losses. Real-time information allows investors to react swiftly to silver price changes, capitalizing on opportunities or mitigating losses.

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For over a decade, Silver Price Forecast has supported silver enthusiasts in making profitable investments and trades. Our expertise provides investors with in-depth silver price prediction and silver market analysis. We're in this for the long haul and our commitment to understanding the market through reliable news and comprehensive analyses stems from the fact that we're silver enthusiasts like yourself.

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Trustworthy news is an essential foundation for predicting silver price changes, taking into account shifts in investor sentiment, international events, and the global economy. In the ever-changing world of commodities, timely and precise updates on silver stock prices allow investors to swiftly adapt to changes and effectively manage their investment risks and trading risks.

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The interest in silver investing and trading is on the rise, mirroring the growth in industrial demand for this metal. The coming years are anticipated to witness unprecedented levels of industrial silver usage, largely driven by the expansion of the green economy, with significant investment in solar energy - photovoltaic cells in particular - along with upgrades to electrical infrastructure and the current rollout of 5G and future 6g telecommunications networks. Moreover, the automotive industry's growing dependency on electronic components further fuels this demand, often also hitting headlines in news services that are outside the silver investment community.

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  • What is the relationship between silver and gold? In what ways do they differ?

  • What should I know about the risks of silver investing and trading?

  • How can I invest in silver mining companies? Are stocks in silver mining considered volatile or stable?

  • What should I know about trading silver ETFs and companies?

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