Exclusive Silver Price Analysis


The Mortgage Meltdown Is a Real Problem for Silver

Silver’s 200-day moving average has gone from support to resistance. How low can the white metal go? 


Silver Price Forecast for July 2023

Predicting silver prices is linked to forecasting gold prices, as these markets typically align and validate each other's signals.


Is Silver Surfing Unrealistic Sentiment?

The white metal’s dreams of rate cuts and QE should become fundamental nightmares.


Silver Price Soars… Only to Fail Once Again

What a boring market silver used to be for the last couple of weeks… Not anymore.


Was the Silver Rally Bullish?

Silver soared recently, and it might seem bullish at first glance.


Silver Flirts With Its December Low

Has the momentum turned on the white metal?


Silver Prices Don’t Thrive Above $24

Is the silver rally completely over?


Silver Still Shows Little Energy

Has the white metal become the new consolidation king?

Silver Price Analysis

The Amazing Collapse of Silver Coin Premiums

The starry-eyed investors bask in the glory of a silver price which penetrated $30 oz. on Friday.

Silver's Bullish Case Ahead of US CPI Data - Elliott Wave Analysis

Silver has seen a significant rise over the past few weeks, highlighted by the development of a potential H&S pattern with a breakout above the neckline.

Silver Pulls Back, Support at $24 (Elliott Wave Analysis)

Silver has been trading sideways since 2021, indicating a corrective move due to its choppy and overlapping price action.

Three Things That Are Killing Silver

Over the years (and decades), silver has traveled a path fraught with excitement and disappointment.

Strategic analysis for the silver market

Silver has many applications spanning across industries. Aside from being a versatile material for jewelry manufacturing, silver is quite a superhero, once you track all its accomplishments in today's technology. Its potential spans fields including solar energy, medicine, electronics, and the automotive field. Thanks to its thermal and electrical conductivity, malleability, antibacterial properties, and corrosion resistance, the white metal is essential in various fields, from promoting wound healing to sustainable energy solutions.

Silver's significance extends to brazing, soldering, chemical production, glassmaking, and photography. It is also increasingly used in automotive electronics, especially in electric vehicles, and its reflective qualities make silver indispensable for high-quality mirrors and energy-efficient windows, all contributing to globally growing silver value.

Silver stocks demand is surging, resulting in lucrative opportunities for traders and investors. With Silver Price Forecast's comprehensive market analysis, you can gain insights into the factors affecting silver prices and predict future trends, turning curiosity into informed investment decisions. Additionally, Silver Price Forecast is powered by Golden Meadow® - a friendly community platform inviting you to explore a holistic approach to investing, blending financial savvy with personal well-being while staying ahead in the silver market.

Long-term experience in understanding silver dynamics

For over a decade, we've been demystifying silver prices, serving as a trusted source for silver enthusiasts with our comprehensive analyses and forecasts. The silver experts on our team dedicate themselves to providing daily reports filled with valuable trading insights, prioritizing integrity and quality. They love what they do because they're enthusiasts like yourself. They also love analyzing charts - yup, it's a passion for some!

Years ago our publication was a tiny fledgling operation, so we know what it's like to be a small investor trying to make sense of the market. That's why we publish a daily silver investment newsletter and have developed unique tools to assist investors across various market conditions, emphasizing transparency and precision to ensure our subscribers are well-equipped for success in the silver market.

Not all that glitters is gold. Sometimes it's silver, and here's more to its value

The price of silver is influenced by a variety of factors including supply and demand dynamics, industrial usage, and investment interest. Additionally, global economic conditions, inflation rates, currency fluctuations, and geopolitical events can impact the silver spot price. Central bank policies, interest rates, and market sentiment also play significant roles. The interplay of these factors can cause fluctuations in silver prices, making its market complex and multifaceted.

Technical analysis within financial markets relies on previous data to forecast the movement of silver asset prices. This approach delves into the historical prices and trading volumes of silver stocks to uncover trends and patterns, grasping crucial information for investors. This method indicates that specific recurring patterns in silver's pricing and trade volumes offer predictive insights, shaping predictions for silver futures. Real-world applications, however, often reveal more intricate patterns, combining volume data with wider market indicators.

We compile daily, in-depth silver price charts, ensuring you remain hands-on with the silver market dynamics and equipped with the insights necessary for making well-informed decisions. Sharing vital knowledge is our core principle; we distribute information instead of hoarding it, diving deep into the complexities of the market so that you can profit. Are you seeking answers to the following questions?

  • How does the US dollar influence silver spot price?

  • Is investing in silver bullion advisable? How to buy silver coins?

  • Where can I find trustworthy silver bullion dealers?

  • How do geopolitical situations and economic conditions influence silver prices in the US?

  • How do international currencies like the euro or yen impact the value of silver?

  • Is it possible to predict the silver rate?

  • What is the relationship between silver and gold prices? How do silver and gold differ?

  • What risks come with silver investment and trading?

  • How should one approach investing in silver mining companies? Are they stable or unpredictable?

  • What should I know about trading silver ETFs and stocks?

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