Exclusive Silver Price Analysis


Silver Price Soars… Only to Fail Once Again

What a boring market silver used to be for the last couple of weeks… Not anymore.


Was the Silver Rally Bullish?

Silver soared recently, and it might seem bullish at first glance.


Silver Flirts With Its December Low

Has the momentum turned on the white metal?


Silver Prices Don’t Thrive Above $24

Is the silver rally completely over?


Silver Still Shows Little Energy

Has the white metal become the new consolidation king?


The World Economy Outlook for 2023 Is Actually Not That Bad!

Lagarde and Georgieva became a bit more optimistic about the world economy. Are their views justified? And what does it mean for silver?


Silver’s Volatility Is Highly Bearish

Will investors’ nerves get the best of them as the hawkish temperature rises?


How Will Silver’s Consolidation End?

The white metal’s narrow trading range signals a sharp move could be on the horizon.

Silver Price Analysis

Silver’s Rock and a Hard Place

Caught between conflicting forces, will pivot optimism outweigh the economic malaise that should unfold in the months ahead?

Sad Silver Lags Gold

With the economic backdrop continuing to deteriorate, silver’s bull case has become increasingly fragile.

Silver Should Be Scared of a Slowdown

Recession winds are blowing, and the next major gust could push silver over the edge.

Silver With Bullish Opportunities on Geopolitical Issues

Metals are experiencing an upward trend this week due to geopolitical tensions between Israel and Hamas.