Exclusive Silver Price Analysis


Silver Salivates Over Rate Cuts

Will pivot stars continue to light silver’s way, or is the white metal headed for a significant reversal?


Bad Data Is Bad News For Silver

While hopes for a dovish pivot may keep silver from crashing in the short term, history shows that actual pivots are bearish.


Is Silver’s Sun Setting?

Plenty of risks continue to throw shade on the white metal.


Yields Pop and Silver Drops

Inflation upended the bond market once again, and the bearish weight was too much for the white metal.


Silver’s Sell-Off Pauses

With indecision reigning over the last few months, is silver’s next $2 move higher or lower? 


The Mortgage Meltdown Is a Real Problem for Silver

Silver’s 200-day moving average has gone from support to resistance. How low can the white metal go? 


Silver Price Forecast for July 2023

Predicting silver prices is linked to forecasting gold prices, as these markets typically align and validate each other's signals.


Is Silver Surfing Unrealistic Sentiment?

The white metal’s dreams of rate cuts and QE should become fundamental nightmares.

Silver Price Analysis

Silver Bulls Are the Walking Wounded

Silver has been a major underperformer in recent months, as the white metal proved no match for higher real yields and a stronger USD Index.

Dead Ends Ahead for Silver

With the fundamental roadblocks adding up, silver confronts a bearish outlook at nearly every turn.

Silver Not Underpriced Compared to Gold

Silver bulls have for decades made the argument that the white metal is underpriced relative to gold. 

Will the Downside Continue for Silver?

Various factors are contributing to the losses suffered by silver over the past week. How strong are the bearish fundamentals?