Exclusive Silver Price Analysis


Powell Presumably Dovish: Silver Prices Rise in Response

Traders interpreted Powell’s speech at Brookings Institution as having dovish flavor, boosting silver prices along the way.


Will Silver Slide Sooner or Later?

While the silver price continues to consolidate, and seasonality keeps hope alive, 2022’s ills are far from cured.


The Silver Price Is Surfing the Wrong Wave

After misguided pivot optimism helped push the silver price higher, investors’ overenthusiasm makes the risk-reward highly unattractive.


Will Contracting Business Activity Elevate Silver Prices?

Business activity declined significantly in November, according to the latest flash US PMI. Will economic decline make silver flourish?


How Could a Recession Affect the Silver Price?

Although the outlook for the American economy is positive, for decades, every inflationary battle in the U.S. has resulted in a recession.


What’s the Silver Price Forecast, Given the Metal’s Recent Correction?

If silver is outperforming gold, that means it’s off to a good start, right? What do previous patterns say about this?


Silver Prices: Will Republican House Change Anything?

The U.S. mid-term elections ended with the Republicans taking control over the House. Silver prices feel… ambivalent.


Is Silver Going to Profit from Missiles on Polish Soil?

The rumors about Russian missiles hitting Poland, a NATO member, are everywhere. Could this potentially trigger a rally in silver?

Silver Price Analysis

Silver’s Rock and a Hard Place

Caught between conflicting forces, will pivot optimism outweigh the economic malaise that should unfold in the months ahead?

Sad Silver Lags Gold

With the economic backdrop continuing to deteriorate, silver’s bull case has become increasingly fragile.

Silver Should Be Scared of a Slowdown

Recession winds are blowing, and the next major gust could push silver over the edge.

Silver With Bullish Opportunities on Geopolitical Issues

Metals are experiencing an upward trend this week due to geopolitical tensions between Israel and Hamas.