Exclusive Silver Price Analysis


Silver Ignores All of the Stop Signs

While it’s been full steam ahead for silver, is an accident waiting to happen?


Will Silver Remain the Belle of the Ball?

All eyes are on the silver price, but that may change when it reveals its true colors.


Silver Shines as the Price Keeps Climbing

The white metal has spread the holiday cheer, but will it turn into the Grinch after Christmas?


The Bears Attack: When Will Silver Surrender?

While the S&P 500 waved the daily white flag, silver continued to fend off the bears.


The Silver Price Is on Thin Ice

If the S&P 500 melts down, will it sink silver?


Will Silver Succumb to Its Bearish Fate?

While the bulls continue to bid up the silver price, is this just another bear market rally?


Strong Payrolls Didn’t Stop Silver From Rallying Above $22

Even though November nonfarm payrolls surprised positively, silver prices still jumped above $22.


Do Silver Prices Deserve a Christmas Present?

While silver remains in the Christmas spirit, the holiday cheer may not last much longer.

Silver Price Analysis

Silver’s Rock and a Hard Place

Caught between conflicting forces, will pivot optimism outweigh the economic malaise that should unfold in the months ahead?

Sad Silver Lags Gold

With the economic backdrop continuing to deteriorate, silver’s bull case has become increasingly fragile.

Silver Should Be Scared of a Slowdown

Recession winds are blowing, and the next major gust could push silver over the edge.

Silver With Bullish Opportunities on Geopolitical Issues

Metals are experiencing an upward trend this week due to geopolitical tensions between Israel and Hamas.